Research group alumni

Garrett and son

Garrett Albistegui Adler

PhD 2022, Stanford E-IPER

Albistegui Adler studies connections between climate variability and violent conflict with the aim of improving policy to prevent such conflict.

MPS 2023 University of Miami

Bhalla-Ladd works on marine biology & ecology through tropical marine ecosystem management at the nexus between research and policy.

MA 2019 Stanford University

Burnett studies the impacts of climate change on national security, with a focus on water security, Arctic security, and stakeholder analysis of defense communities such as the U.S. military.

MRED+U 2021 University of Miami

Kelly uses his experience in real estate to discover ways to serve his community through development.

Postdoctoral Associate

Donald researches the communication of climate change, combining historical methods and interviews with a focus on environmental justice.

PhD 2023 University of Miami

McDonnell uses an interdisciplinary research approach to examine how sharks' satellite tag-collected data can be integrated and used in ocean observation, climate modeling, and dynamic spatial management efforts.

Jaye Mejía-Duwan

Jaye Mejía-Duwan

BA 2020 Yale & Stanford SURGE

Mejía-Duwan is passionate about environmental justice with specific research interests in environmental racism, air pollution and public health, and climate-induced migration.

Rebecca Miller

PhD 2021 Stanford University

Miller researches historic and current wildfire policies in California to understand how federal, state, and local governments prepare for, respond to, and recover from wildfires.

PhD 2022

Seeteram's work includes understanding sea level rise adaptation in Miami, FL through an interdisciplinary lens that includes equity, governance, resilience, and community response.

Lin Shi

Lin Shi

PhD 2021 Stanford E-IPER

Shi focuses on supply chain environmental impact evaluation and risk management in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.