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Mach's research explores climate change risks and response options, integrating evidence to support societal adaptations.

PhD Student

Agopian studies the science and policy of climate change adaptation, drawing on approaches from the natural and social sciences.

PhD Student

Carrère researches the relationship between architecture, climate change and utopia, critically examining speculative designs that offer mitigation or adaptation solutions.

PhD Student

Cruz studies the effects of extreme heat on underrepresented communities by utilizing her public health and climate justice background. 

PhD Student

Cuff’s research examines the understanding and involvement of coastal communities in the policy making process in relation to sea level rise and resiliency.   

MS Student

Jones studies sustainable development and the sociopolitical factors challenging effective climate adaptation in urban coastal communities.

PhD Student

Koller works on policy design and analysis at the intersection of climate risk, coastal property markets, and public infrastructure investments.

PhD Student

Kraan researches how, where, and when managed retreat can be a beneficial climate change adaptation option.

PhD Student

Larson Mohr’s research focuses on the science and policy of flood resilience in urban environments to directly affect policy development and inform decision-making.

PhD Student

Muse works to ensure our cities are equitably prepared for the implications of climate change, while also reducing contributions to global warming.

Research Analyst

Niemann provides statistical expertise while researching community climate change risk adaptation methods, such as managed retreat.

PhD Student

Nyburg studies nature’s benefits to people, and how ecosystem conservation underpins equitable climate adaptation while generating greater ecological biodiversity. 

PhD Student

Prall studies the science and governance of environmental problems posing extreme risks to humans and nature.

PhD Student

Turek-Hankins leverages her engineering background in the thermal sciences to study how to promote resilience and equity through adaptations to extreme heat.

Connor Nolan

Postdoc, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Nolan is a climate scientist and ecologist interested in the past, present, and future interactions between climate, carbon, and ecosystems.

Leehi Yona

PhD student, Stanford E-IPER

Yona studies the global carbon cycle and how scientists, policymakers, and people think about how to count greenhouse gas emissions.