Ethan Prall

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Ethan Prall is a doctoral student in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Miami through the Abess Center, and an environmental lawyer. His work focuses on the science and governance of environmental problems that pose existential or catastrophic risks to nature, humans, or both. He leverages his expertise in domestic and international environmental law and governance and his training in ethics and philosophy to identify solutions to the crises of extreme climate change and ecosystem collapse from the perspective of intergenerational and inter-species ethics.

Prall holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and has extensive experience in the law and policy surrounding climate change, biodiversity, and marine governance at the federal and international levels. He studied philosophy and ethics at the undergraduate level and through a master's focused on religion and ethics at Duke University. After law school Prall clerked for two federal judges and spent several years practicing in environmental law and policy in Washington, D.C. He is a Dean's Fellow at the University of Miami and a Climate Reality Leader. He has a four year old St. Bernard, named Libby.

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