Kevin Kim Larson Mohr

Kevin Larson Mohr

Kevin Kim Larson Mohr, MPhil (cantab) is a doctoral researcher at the University of Miami's Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy. His research primarily delves into the intricacies of extreme weather flooding, specifically focused on coastal south Florida. Central to Larson Mohr's inquiry is the nexus between public policy development, the adaptive responses to flooding, and infrastructure development. He is drawn to exploring the socio-economic impacts of flooding on communities, the role of technology in advancing flood risk management, and the potential of sustainable urban planning to mitigate flood impacts. Informed by a rich blend of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, his research aspires to weave interdisciplinary paradigms into the fabric of environmental risk studies. Additionally, in 2023 the Mercatus Center honoured him as a Don Lavoie Fellow, a testament to his keen interest in studying political economics and liberalism.

Larson Mohr grew up outside of Des Moines, Iowa, but went on to pursue his education in the United Kingdom. After securing a RIBA Part 1 qualification from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, he worked as an architectural designer at the Bjarke Ingels Group in London and then OMA in New York. It was this rich immersion in the built environment that stoked his fervour for research in urban resilience and informed policymaking. Building on this foundation, he pursued an MPhil in Urban Studies (distinction) from the University of Cambridge (Selwyn College), Faculty of Architecture. Larson Mohr's research at Cambridge homed in on the efficacy of flood insurance policy in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida. Further cementing his commitment to environmental research, he actively contributed to the Cambridge Zero Postgraduate Academy, where he was an integral member of the student-led steering committee.