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Climate & Health

On “Climate”

Our focus is on subtropical and tropical conditions, and our group lives and works out of the United States. Therefore, we tend to focus on climatologically-driven risks specific to sub/tropical, and even sub/tropical coastal, regions. The terms “climate” and “weather” are often usefully differentiated but definitely nested: weather events occur within the context of climate systems. In the context of climate & health, we use broader term (“climate”) in a manner intended to encompass weather.

On “Health”

Our focus is on health outcomes that are measurable and generally accepted in accredited health care facilities where we live and work (the United States). We acknowledge that health is influenced by factors much broader and more holistic than is captured by modern health outcomes. However, we focus on established norms—despite their limitations—to maximize the actionability of our information.


Definition: In the category of immediate-term weather emergencies, a hurricane is a phasic events requiring acute efforts.

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Definition: In the category of near-term climate emergencies, heat can be a tonic climate condition or a phasic weather event (i.e. “heat wave”) requiring acute and chronic responses.

Relevance: [pending]


Definition: In the category of near-term climate emergencies, flooding is a phasic weather event requiring acute response.

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Sea Level Rise

Definition: In the category of mid-term climate emergency, sea level rise is a tonic change requiring chronic responses.

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